Stephen Battle was born in Mt. Clemens, MI in 1976, and grew up in Fort Worth, TX.  He began painting in college, alongside earning a degree in Anthropology.  His enthusiasm for art overtook his interest in that field of study.  Upon Graduation, Battle decided to investigate a career in art.  Having worked in the art museum at Texas A&M University, He obtained a job in a gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  There he was introduced to the business side of art, while developing his own work in his spare time.  While in this part of the country Battle spent a great deal of time in the wilderness of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  Nature became the primary inspiration for his work.

He enjoyed living in the majestic Northern Rockies, but the traditional western culture of Wyoming didn’t offer much opportunity to an abstract painter.  He moved to Taos, New Mexico.  In Taos he could live in a beautiful natural environment, and also be part of a more contemporary art scene.  Battle remained in the area for several years.  In Taos he began showing his work, and became involved in community arts groups.

Battle’s ambition to have a career as an artist grew, and he moved to New York City.  He would miss living in a natural setting, but the idea of being in the cultural heart of the country was too tempting to resist.  The city and its art scene was everything that he had hoped it would be.  However, Battle soon realized that a post-graduate education in art was necessary to be competitive.  He left New York for his hometown of Fort Worth to pursue graduate school.  Battle was offered a full scholarship to Texas Christian University and received his M.F.A. in Painting in May 2006.

Battle currently lives in Ft. Worth with his daughter.  In addition to exhibiting his work and advancing his career as a fine artist, Battle teaches at the college level.  He was an instructor of design and color at Texas Christian University for several years and is currently a member of the visual arts faculty at Tarrant County College where he teaches Drawing, Painting, Design, and Art Appreciation.  Battle is represented by Herold Fine Art, Dallas, TX.