sculpture statement

In this series (2005-2007) I worked with a pigmented polymer that can be applied to a skeletal structure, or controlled free of a substrate.  When dripped, the fluid medium reflects my movement.  It records, and directs my actions, giving them form.  The line that I lay down is the texture and building element of my work.  I made use of line as a homogeneous unit, that by amassing can develop characteristics separate from itself.

The forms that I created are organic, and informed by my observation of nature.  The natural world is a necessary inspiration for me.  It reveals the aesthetics and processes of growth and evolution.  There are similarities between the way a work of art (or body of work) can develop, and the behavior of nature.  I demonstrate my understanding of this behavior through my decisions and movement.  The observation of natural processes illuminates truths that include, but more importantly, extend beyond the influences of humanity.

The creation of these forms was influenced by the behavior of growth and natural process, but was made possible by artificial materials.  For this reason I used vibrant and highly saturated colors.  The colors I mixed are honest to the materials; invented and processed.  I am interested in the objective qualities of color, and the relationships between different colors, independent of representation and symbolism.  It was not my goal to make work that mimics natural objects.  I create artwork from my interpretation of natural process, from the perspective of being part of a synthetic culture.  The unnatural color in juxtaposition with the organic form is an attempted unification of culture and nature.