general statement

My work is comprised of several series, each exploring their own specific concepts.  At the core of my art is an interest is the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical.  Some series investigate each of these independently, while others contrast or merge them.  My deeper intention is toward a unified contemplation of physical and spiritual awareness.

Concerning the physical, I am interested in the dynamic relationships of growth within an environment.  I create abstractions from my interpretation of natural processes, and their interconnected yet unpredictable nature.  Material reality entangles processes such as formation, evolution, destruction, causality, competition, interdependency, and renewal.  My paintings demonstrate an accumulation of such behaviors and their emergent properties.  The activity results in layers of abstracted events that leave evidence of their history and formation.

The metaphysical component of my work considers a more expansive spiritual awareness that is non-linear, and beyond specifics.  I am abstracting from my personal understanding and experience of an essential and fundamental creative energy.  This knowable, yet intangible force is both the source and perpetuation of all physical and temporal processes.