The paintings that fall outside of my series are largely exploratory.  While conceptually rooted and linked, their intention has been less defined.  I consider all of my work research, and these paintings have allowed me a freedom of study and expression outside of set parameters.  They are Individual creations that together form a record of my development.  They lead to the series, and continue to inform them.  Their branching interests keep me open to new perspectives, vocabulary, and depths of expression.

Underlying the work is my interest in the dynamic relationships of growth within an environment.  I create abstractions from my interpretation of natural processes.  I also investigate the similarities between compositional development and the inefficient cycles and progressions of life.  The paintings demonstrate the accumulation of reactions between forms and their evolving circumstances.  My materials may be artificial, but I handle them as active organic components.  Areas of activity build upon and overtake one another, resulting in layers of abstracted events that leave evidence of the history of their formation.